November 1, 2007

Guesthouse courtyard

The oasis outside our rooms. This is where we take tea and get sun. You can also hear the morning and evening prayers in the distance from here.

Afghan Catherine

Outside our room. I feel gratitude for this scarf out in the public areas as I wrap entirely to not draw any attention. Also the scarf is a saving grace filtering the air from all the pollution. Kahn shared my outfit really worked and that I looked like an Afghan woman. There is quite a learning curve here as what is Islam tradition, what is Tribal Tradition and what is still healing from the different tyrannies that have influence culture in Afghanistan. And scarves here are so beautiful being made of mostly silk. The Burqa is the full robe that covers the woman’s face and is a choice for women now that the Tailban are no longer in power. It is a custom from Tribal times. Lots of women still choose to wear it and at the same tiem you will see women in a simple scarf with western style clothes.

Streets of Kabul
Streets of Kabul Beast of burden
Streets of Kabul Chai time

Tea at the BRD office. We took tea as we got to know more members of the BRD and buy testosterone enanthate in usa plan for our trainings.
NVC for Children Day banner

I was so touched when Said unfurled the banners that I cried. My heart filled with such delight to see TEMBA handpainted on the sign and the combination of languages. Our excitement is enormous as we continue our prep for the days ahead.

Tomorrow is the children’s day and I feel such anticipation for the connection and play with the chidlren that will be coming. We will be working with a mix of ages as well as backgrounds. Some of the kids are children of the members of BRD, some are from the streets and some are from the schools. NVC 5 Day Training banner
Deep gratitude in experiencing firsthand the abundance one can have in any situation simply by livingin the energy of human needs.

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