“I’m in a process to transform many aspects of my life and Ongo has given me support and strength to do it. It has helped me with my intention to change my relationships with myself and other significant people on my life. But more than that, it has given me a vision of my future and how I want to be.” – Ongo Online Retreat participant Today, as many of us are social distancing and spending more time with ourselves and our families without other distractions or supports, the need to develop our emotional intelligence and spiritual resilience is greater than ever. While each day brings new uncertainty from the outside world, often our life at home is also full of challenges. We may want inner peace and joyful relationships, but without regular inspiration, guidance, and spiritual companions to support us, daily struggles can easily overwhelm our best intentions. The Ongo Online Retreat exists to offer that support. For the last ten years, it has provided learning, companionship, and encouragement for hundreds of people around the world to cultivate presence, compassion, and wisdom in their everyday lives. Each twelve-week retreat is adapted to address the unique situations and needs of those participating, while also giving a solid foundation of training in practices like Nonviolent Communication and Mindfulness. The format allows both new and experienced practitioners to find the ground they need to live their values. Anyone from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection can participate in the Ongo Online Retreat. There are no […]