November 7, 2007

It is not unusual for me to weep for the deaths that occur in Afghanistan. But today I got to weep on Afghan soil with Afghan people.

We opened today’s training with one of the participants offering in song a verse from the Koran in honor of the 64 people who died in yesterday’s bombing. I was deeply moved by the heart and the connection. Tears streamed my face and as a group we shared the sorrow and fueled our passion to ignite creating a world we would rather live in. The day unfolded into a beautiful practice of Being Nonviolence. I am deeply excited by the visions that are being developed by the participants of this training who are creating projects based on serving human needs.

I am a bit tired on this eve of the end of the training. I look forward to sharing more at a time when my mind and email are moving at a quicker pace. Oh…our day ended with a sweet stroll through an open air market full of vegetables! I was super delighted to feel the array and abundance. Again, Said, insisted on buying our food. We are learning that the culture here is very strong to care for guests and we have been spoiled with sincere attendance. Jesse prepared a nurturing vegetable soup for us in the GuestHouse kitchen. I danced to the music we brought on our laptops while Nagmeh and Jiva weaved in and out of conversation. Tonight was a celebration of hope, love and connection. We ate and shared our delights of the past days of the training. Another day to remind me that Celebration and Mourning live side by side.

Peace All Ways, Catherine

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