November 10, 2007

Women's Empathy Circle

“If everyone here implements their projects, we will have peace in Afghanistan
– participant in our 5-Day training (after our session on creating ‘needs-based’ projects)

Empathy Card Game

“Anywhere there are people, I’d like them to use these methods”
– participant (on what he’d like other people to know about this training)

Working on Projects

“My dream is to be of service to this society that has suffered from war for 3 decades”
– participant

Empathy Card Game

“I managed to solve a problem my sister had with her husband by using the things I learned in the workshop”
– participant (when asked to share ‘one moment’ this week that was particularly exciting for her)

Women working on project

“What the trainers taught us was really useful; there’s a lot of need for this in Afghanistan… I’d like to start by using this in my own house and my own office”
– participant


“I think we can use this in everyday life and everyday situations and each one of those can become a project in itself”
participant (when asked about what projects she was excited about)

Catherine giving certificate

“Before this training I had difficulty forgiving some things that had happened in my past. I feel that I am now able to forgive some people that I haven’t been able to forgive before because now I can understand their needs.”
– participant who was the head of the Department of Women’s Affairs, Afghanistan

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