October 30, 2007

Al Hijaz Motel
(photo: Al Hijaz Motel – a homey place far from home)

And then… Tuesday, October 30

A huge heartfelt thanks to Louise Deerfield and Marrriot Hotels for the generous donation of a room as we got an amazing night’s rest in Dubai last night. Gratitude for sleep really hit us once we realized we had set our clock 30 minutes off and the piece of paper we had with our flight information to Kabul was 30 minutes off as well. With rested minds it only took 10 minutes staring dumbfounded at each other to integrate the fact we had missed our flight to Kabul. Now really begins the practice of walking our talk about walking in the dark. After Jesse spoke with the Pamir agent we finalized that we would try again tomorrow at 5:30 AM to fly out (6 hours from now as I write this!).

The extra day in Dubai turned out to be more needed than we could have anticipated.

As soon as we were checked into Al Hijaz Motel in the area of Deira we all fell deep asleep. Jet lag had caught us. I actually napped for five hours. Abdi, a nineteen year old from Somalia who works at the Inn, walked us to dinner. I enjoyed, as I perceived, his peaceful way of being. Our languages were not so common with words. But our hearts were connected through smiles and earmarked with simple dialogue. We had dinner at a local cafe. Even though I thought I had falafels hundreds of times in my life I have officially decided today that I have not actually eaten a real one til this trip. The food has been beyond satisfying and sustaining, it has been beautiful and filled with cultural pride. It is an honor to be receiving from each person who brings us food.

Walking our talk is the practice of being available to what comes alive and continuing to deepen our connection, our ability to hear one another and honestly express. We dove into our own despair circle tonight to release what has been stimulated so far on this trip and enliven our perspective of what we can offer when we do land in Afghanistan. We touched tears of separation: the sorrow around how we humans can separate ourselves with words rather than simply hearing the pain that’s present in the delivery. We touched the loneliness that can come with wanting to create harmony in the world and our own desire to trust life as-it-is. In short, we did today what everybody does each day: connect with each other the best that we know how. I feel a sweet surrender to this process of being fully human. I am grateful to be “walking in the dark” of discovery/uncover-y with Jiva and Jesse. My intention before bed this night is to dream in the world where all beings feel freedom from within and find ease with expressing their true nature, which I call love.

Peace All Ways,

Catherine Cadden, Certified Falafel Eater

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