Being Really Alive

We’re done with Day 3 of our training and I haven’t written mainly for two reasons: one is that the Internet has been quite slow in the evening and two, I really wanted to meet my need for integrity with the participants in the training and not share too much about them, as we have been in a very sweet process of opening and connecting deeply from the heart. I do want to share how deeply touched I am by the willingness and dedication of each person in the training. Empathy Card Game

Yesterday, we played a game that I learned from Sura Hart and the Train for Life team, where we use cards that have needs words printed on them.

We broke into small groups of five or six and each person took a turn sharing a personal story, while the rest would empathically connect and guess by placing needs cards in front of the person sharing the story. It was a delight to feel the buzz of energy in the workshop rooms and see the depth of connection on people’s faces.

Today, we did a despair circle where men held empathic space for women to share and, in turn, the women held empathic space for the men to share. To meet my need for integrity, and protect participants, I choose not to share any of the stories I heard. Just simply know that we were humans gathered to heal our hearts, share our pain, irregardless of the intense reality that still would face us at the end of the day. I’m excited for tomorrow, when we’ll work on individuals’ projects and reconciliation/ restorative justice circles.

My heart is weepy with tenderness. I really don’t know what the feelings words would be to express what’s alive in me right now. I feel intimately connected to the interdependence of humans… how, when one suffers, we all suffer, or when one chooses to courageously heal the pain, we all have an opportunity to heal. I am always in awe of the human heart’s ability to grow in capacity and learn more about compassion. My hope would be that all humans can transform their enemy images and just simply see each other as human. As today we shed the labels of our nationalities so we can simply share the pain that existed in the room.

Peace All Ways, Catherine