• Gillian Pechey

    Thankyou Jesse and Catherine for this wonderful story. I first began learning about the dharma in the 70’s. I’d like everything I do to resonate with those teachings. Then I moved into the practice as suggested by Prem Rawat as it seemed more real – less intellectual – a down-to-earth experience of the buddha’s message. About four years ago I encountered NVC. It aligns with what has gone before. I’d like to thank all the people I’ve met during these years: Cate, Milli, Jana, and many more from this part of Australia. It’s a journey. I’m glad to be on it.

  • Diane Diller

    Dear Jesse, I am moved to tears by your story, which brings me to a deep place of gratitude regarding what I have experienced with certified trainers, too. YES! –their presence, empathy, humor, understanding, warmth, generosity, and humility! This is how I want to show up in the world. And I am grateful for their showing me a way… To me, the phrase “warm hand to warm hand” really captures the process— it is indeed a transmission. Deep bow, Diane Diller (CT-candidate with Penny Wassman, assessor)

  • J.J.

    Thank you so much Jesse, I have so longed for this kind of discussion – more so than I had even was aware of. I really appreciate knowing more of your specifics and how you felt and experienced your specifics regarding all of this. I feel some resonance with how those specifics might affect me. Also, i was at your DC workshop when you were certified and it’s wonderful to know more of the background before it. Cool! Thanks again! J.J.

  • David Lawson

    I’ve been wondering myself why I am on the CT journey … hearing your thoughts has helped clarify how community and tradition are important to me too in relation to my involvement in the NVC community.

    I also want to say that I attended the Wales training that you and Catherine led in Easter and I really enjoyed that experience, I left feeling whole and connected.

    So thank you for that too.

  • Chenyu

    Thank you Jesse, for the time, care and skills, but most of all, the authenticity in sharing your process. It is timely that I read this, in the midst of much that goes on in me right now. I trust your wisdom would be one of many support to help me see through my struggles.

  • Elly van Laar

    Thank you Jesse. I loved reading it, and felt touched by your appreciation of John Kinyon (whom I’ve come to appreciate in exactly the same way) and your gratitude for the community of NVC-trainers. I’ve been considering entering the certification process for five years, and your post tipped me over to “Yes, let’s go for it!”

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