June 1, 2009

A ZENVC Introductory Telecourse Recording from NVC Academy

MP3 Audio Download: 118 Minutes(1 hours & 58 minutes)

The wisdom which Nonviolent Communication is based on is as old as humanity itself. This recorded telecourse draws insights from NVC’s elder siblings of Taoism, Buddhism, and indigenous culture to offer new ways of approaching common NVC ‘stuck’ places, including topics such as:

  • Why intention is the fundamental principle of NVC, and how to cultivate its power
  • The other NVC: non-verbal communication
  • How to end the illusion of ‘my needs’ and ‘your needs’
  • How to walk in the dark, when NVC forms aren’t creating connection

This recording is available buy testosterone enanthate in USA from the through NVC Academy here (scroll down to the recordings listed under “More Topics” and look for “Lessons from the Elders”).

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