“I thoroughly enjoyed the Ongo experience. For me, the practices are simple and so doable that I have continued many of them after Ongo. I am finding that though simple, their cumulative effect is powerful. A burden that I carried for 8 years has been healed using the combined practices of the breath, self empathy and speaking truth… I have grown in confidence in living and sharing NVC [Nonviolent Communication].” – Ongo Online Retreat participant Today, many of us need an environment of peers, inspiration, and guidance to support the cultivation of wisdom and compassion in our lives at home, work, and in our communities. Practices like Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Mindfulness meditation can be challenging to integrate outside of the workshop or retreat setting. Everyday struggles, not to mention our concerns around big issues like climate change, social injustice, poverty, and more can easily overwhelm our best intentions for how we want to live. The Ongo Online Retreat is a three month intensive that anyone can participate in using the phone and Web, to develop skillfulness, depth of compassion and awareness – in the midst of everyday life.  Ongo offers direct, personal guidance from experienced teachers and compassionate support from a global community of practitioners. Together, we will practice both on and off the meditation cushion.  There are no prerequisites to join this program, other than a desire to learn and practice these teachings in your daily life. DEEPEN your self-awareness and presence through meditation, Mindfulness practice, and applying authentic Zen […]