This event finished on 17 November 2021

Your voice matters. From the moment you were born, your unique song, first in sound, then later in words, communicated truths about the world. These were important truths, about needs dear to you and those around you, needs like love, safety, and belonging.

Sometimes this truth was unpleasant for others to hear – perhaps because they were suffering themselves – and over time, their reactions impacted you. Their reactions shaped your beliefs and choices around when to speak or not speak.  Perhaps you are now afraid to say uncomfortable truths out loud, even when it's most needed. Yet here you are, reading about a course called "Courage to Speak".

Do you encounter situations where you know deeply that you need to speak up, in order to contribute to everyone? 

Would you like support and guidance to step through the conditioning of your past and into a more empowered present?

Are you ready to trust your voice again? 

Welcome to Courage to Speak. 
This course is for you.

In it, I will share real stories from my own experience, both personally and professionally, of speaking up in uncomfortable situations. Together, we'll practice the skills that enabled me to interrupt with clarity, set boundaries with compassion, and say the necessary truths that others in the room were afraid to say, but longed to hear. We'll even look at how to 'clean up our messes', using any pain we stimulate in others with our words as an opportunity for deeper connection.

You will leave with greater confidence and ability to make the world more wonderful by speaking up with clarity, compassion, and connection to the people in your life – at home, at work, and beyond.

The Course:

(dates below in PST - See the day/time of the weekly meeting in your timezone here)

  • October 20: To Speak or Not to Speak, Unpacking our Fears and Connecting to our Motivation
  • October 27: Interrupting Others as an Act of Compassion
  • November 3: Setting Boundaries Clearly, Without Fuss
  • November 10: Risking It All, Speaking Uncomfortable But Necessary Truths
  • November 17: Cleaning Up Our Messes, Celebrating Our Contributions

All meetings will be live, one-and-a-half hours long, via Zoom, with recordings provided afterwards to registered participants.


$150 USD / 208 AUD / 130 EUR